Manufacturing and Construction on demand in United States

How it works?


A designer creates a parametric 3D model .

I'm a designer and I want to create parametric 3D models ...


A manufacturer chooses a 3D model and quotations are automated.

I am a manufacturer and I want to receive orders ...


A client customizes a 3D model , makes an order and pays for manufacturing the product on demand.

I want to customize and send to manufacture a product ...

Why should I use it?

Any device

View from the comfort of your laptop or the ease of your smartphone. Quotations in real time.

imagen oicrea.com en laptop y computadora

Automates and reduces uncertainty

There is no need to wait for each quote. If they are parameterizable products, these variables can help define the price of the product. 3D models are part of the virtual contract. The customer defines the characteristics of the product and the manufacturer has an accurate model to manufacture. In the case of disputes, the model of the contract is used.

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Promueve la economia local

Being products on demand, the local economy is promoted, optimizing the available resources in a city. Product orders are passed to the nearest and best rated suppliers.

Una persona fabricando
OI Crea :

Personaliza un producto y pidelo con OI Crea.

El producto se fabricar√° tal como lo especificaste.

Recibelo en tu casa o trabajo.